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Essential Steps To Take Before a Job Interview

Congratulations! You have just landed yourself a job interview. It is a critical moment as far as you’re as your future career is concerned. So the night before the new job day is essential and can have an impact on how you wake up and ultimately also a determinant on how you conduct yourself in the interview. Well, with that in mind it is a night of anxiety and curiosity about the next day unfolding thus it is essential to prepare yourself well with the dos and don’ts before and in the interview setting. This article is thus critical and is going to examine these two critical moments to conduct yourself concerning an interview. 

Preparations Before The Interview 

  1. Research Your Company: It is well clear that as you were doing your application for the job you may have done some slight research about the concerned company. Here now you have earned yourself an opportunity of becoming a potential employee so as a worker you need to clearly understand your work details and environments. It is wise then to take deep research on the company statistics, conditions, and terms for existence, your roles and responsibilities, your co-workers, your boss and other important company details related to your line of work. 
  2. Pick stationary: Your need to pack up your bag with some of the necessary stationaries as far as your job descriptions are concerned. Most importantly don’t forget to carry the most essential ones that are a notebook and pen(s) before adding others such as pencils, laptops or phones. To be more precise you should take a step further and as your boss may be the necessities required for the interview. 
  3. Prepare a short elevator pitch: It’s your first day at work and you want to impress in your new work environment so as not sound boring or unaware of yourself. To avoid this it is good to have to prepare yourself a small speech that you could speak about yourself or the company as far as the question asked is concerned or the surrounding settings either with your boss or the co-workers. This, however, doesn’t mean that you should be too talkative but you should be brief as possible and straight to the point. 
  4. Research about the location of the work premises: There is nothing bad like being unaware of the location of the company for the interview you are going to look for a job a night before the interview. It is thus vital to do yourself research either online through the Google maps, friends, and co-worker if you know any and you may even take a stroll in the vicinity where the company is found. This is wise as it may save yourself time on the day to the interview as it will enable you to be able to reach the vicinity earlier preventing chances of getting lost thus may lead to bad impression as far as time management is concerned which may lead to even loss of potential job vacancy. 
  5. Do a double check on your papers: There is a great chance of you having the necessary documents in order on the night before the interview but to be sure you need to double counter check. This is important because you never that maybe during your first check you may have forgotten a certain document or you may have left out one since maybe it was far of reach and promised yourself to compile later when you had finished other preparations. 
  6. Pick out a professional outfit in advance: It is good to dress up like a professional on the interview day as it enables you to look presentable. Perhaps depending on a person some people usually like it do it in the morning but just to be able to improve on time in the morning you may brainstorm on the outfit to wear or may even try it to see if it fits you. This is great because maybe you may have special clothing just for an interview and as time goes by maybe it is small since you may have either grown taller or fat thus the outfit may be awkward. 
  7. Research on the common interview questions: Critical to note that there some general interview questions that don’t change for most vacancies thus it is good to have a look at them. Some of these questions are, for instance, tell us more about yourself? Why do you think you are the right person for this role? And many more others. This is necessary as it enables you to be able to save time during the interview as well as seem sharp and smart thus may lead to you being hired easily especially if there are other participants for the interview which may be competitive. 
  8. Participate in a Skype interview: It is a good platform to be able to evaluate yourself before the actual interview because it exposes you to the necessary prior preparations and also on the Skype interview tips and the common interview questions. This is usually a good idea because the interview on this platform is free of charge and can even be comfortably carried out via phone not necessarily via computer. Moreover, it is great to be aware of how to use Skype as some employers like to carry out interviews via video rather than in person. 

Going to Work (2)

Get familiarized with Skype interview tips 

In case an interview is being carried out via video it is nice to be well prepared on the necessities. Some of these Skype tips are: 

  • It enables an interviewee to be technically prepared i.e. having the right software in place for the interview such as Skype, Google hangouts and many more. 
  • Enables a person to be able to dress up like a professional 
  • Maintaining natural eye contact as possible as a person is supposed to stay focused on the camera. 
  • Smile as it enables a person to get relax and stress-free 
  • Although video interviews can also work via phone, it is advisable to either use a desktop or laptop because they have great audio and camera than phone thus effective communication. 

Preparations During The Interview Day 

It is essential to also touch on the do and don’t on the interview day to enhance your chances of landing the job. 

  • Arrive early 

Most advisedly is that you need to show up early on the interview day usually 15 minutes earlier and get to the interview on time. Perhaps this on most occasions adds you a plus as far as time management is concerned thus may earn you the potential vacancy. 

  • Take note the professional rules 

The employer on most occasions during the interview usually states to your various duties and responsibilities either verbal or written form. It is usually great to be able to learn these rules as early as possible and be able to conduct yourself in the required manner in actions. 

  • Don’t be shy

It is great that during the interview day you should show a great sign of confidence by speaking yourself out audibly enough and also talk to colleagues and try as much as possible to avoid sitting by yourself all day.

  • Listen and observe 

It’s a good thing to have the right listening skills during the interview to what the interviewer is saying and the questions asked so as not to reply irrelevantly or unasked questions. The next question to consider is also to observe keenly so as not to be able to conduct yourself irresponsibly. 

  • Prepare yourself and ask questions 

It is okay to listen attentively but it is rather great to also ask questions. You need to ask your employers questions as this mostly shows you are curious and interested in the position at hand. You, therefore, need to prepare yourself with you the various questions you could ask as far as your job is concerned. 

Bottom Line 

To land an interview is a great opportunity for a person as it is a way of opening a door out of which a person can open his or her living standards. With this in mind you can also not be able to be successful in the interview this is attributed to bad preparations the night before the interview or on the day of the interview. You have to be cautious about prior do and don’t such as researching on the company, double-checking papers and many more on the night before the interview. Also, you have to take note of the presentation during the interview such as showing up early, listening and observing and other precautions. 

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