Skype Interview

Preparation For Successful Skype Interview 

With the advances and changes in technology, most employers are shifting from the common face to face interview to more digital interview through a video call. The reason behind this is that is time-saving as well as cost-effective since there are costs that are cut such as venue booking and preparation as well as the time factor. While this sounds a blessing to many candidates it may be a curse on the contrary especially if the do and don’t are not adhered to as far as Skype interview preparation is concerned. This article is going to critically focus on the various preparations guidelines to be undertaken before and during the interview as well as the essential tips to perform optimally well. 

Common Mistakes Done By Beginners In Skype Interview

  1. Being Too Casual:
    Even though this interview is being done at your comfort at home it doesn’t suggest that you should not be professional. Perhaps beginners on the first day at work with potential employers become too casual by using words such as huh! Boss etc. and many more. Instead of these words an interviewee you have to use professional vocabularies such as sorry, yes, etc. as this makes you sound serious and respectful.
  2. Being Late:
    It is also a mistake done by beginners where a person attends the interview past the stipulated time or doesn’t answer a Skype call. This is usually a bad image on the side of the interviewee as especially on time management aspect and you present signs of being an unreliable person.
  3. Poor body language:
    Beginners need to show good body language such as being relaxed and have a smiling face. Anxiety and being shy signal bad quality to the concerned candidate especially if the position on talking is the one involving mingling with people from various cultural diversities.
  4. Dressing unprofessionally:
    Since the interview is being carried out and a person’s comfort he/she needs to be decently dressed and a causal outfit shouldn’t reflect during the call as it may reduce the chances of qualifying because you sound unprofessional.
  5. Not conducting a trial run before undertaking the actual interview:
    Interviewees need to rehearse well a day before the actual interview to avoid firing out during the interview due to reasons such as a poor image or audio quality or not having the necessary software for video call interview on the first day at work.

Tips For Successful Video/Skype Interview 

For a successful Skype interview, one has to take into consideration certain necessary tricks before and during the interview session. The following are some of the tips to be implemented before and during the Skype interview. 

  • Preparing the surroundings: Because you are being interviewed at your comfort most probably at home, you have to be very cautious about the environments and should be as professional as possible. You have to control what your audience has to see and advisably it should be done when the door is closed to prevent unnecessary burst up during the Skype video interview as this may present unhealthy organizational skills on your side.
  • Dress up in the most professional way possible: You need to get decently dressed from head to two on official wear. Mind you some employers may ask you to stand up in a position where they may be able to see your whole body. If this happens and you are indecently or untidily dressed then you may get embarrassed and also risk not securing the opportunity at hand from a potential employer.

Skype Interview

  • Maintaining eye contact and forward-facing: This perhaps is one of the most difficult and tactical circumstances to undertake. You have to look forward straight into the camera or rather put less focus on the screen as this implies that you are interested in the vacancy and respect the interviewer. Although you have to be cautious about the rate of eye contact as too much can be attributed to being too creepy or aggressive while too little may imply trustworthiness or in-knowledgeable.
  • Being punctual: Time is money as wise men put it. It is very important that during the Skype call you to have to avail yourself on time as lateness signals carelessness and poor time management which may consequently be demonstrated on your first day at work or may the days after employment. You have to be critical when it comes to time since It may make you lose the potential job opportunity.
  • Using desktop or laptop computer rather than a smartphone: Despite making sure that you are connected with enough broadband it is essential to do it using a pc which you should check any software update before the actual interview to prevent disruption resulting from automatic updates. In case you are using a laptop then it is cautious to make sure it fully charge or rather connected to a charger. Note that you should never use a smartphone for Skype or video interview due to the various technical issues associated with the user such as poor image quality, angle or settings which may prevent you from landing the job. 

Common Interview Questions 

Different interviews have different questions based on what the employer is looking for potential employers but the following are just a few sample interview questions and statements for candidates.
i. What is your salary expectation?
ii. When are you available for the position?
iii. What do you know about this company/business?
iv. Tell us more about yourself. 

Bottom Line 

From the discussion above it can be vividly seen that Skype/video call interview is emerging out as one of the modern interviewing criteria and job seekers need to be aware of the various necessities. Beginners have to take their time well to be able to gather the necessary information concerning the intended Skype interview to become successful as far as the interview process is concerned. Moreover, Job seekers need to be aware of essential tips for being victorious in an interview and also note the common interview questions asked to increase the chances of landing potential job opportunities. 

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