How to Research a Company before Attending an Interview 

Preparing for a job interview entails a lot. First, you’re supposed to set aside official clothes for the interview and also prepare for the questions. You need to research on the common interview questions and their answers. This is to put you in a better position of getting hired.
Now, what else should do in preparation for the big day? Well, knowing some important information about the company can be very important. Every interviewer expects you to know some information about the company. How can you even apply for a job in an organization you have no idea about? 
Knowing facts about the company not only helps you during the interview but it also determines your career path. Is it a reputable company that will keep your morals straight? 

Things must be done before researching a company

Before you go for any interview, you need to find out crucial details about the company. The culture, values, financial strength, and anything else can be useful during the interview. You need to be well conversant with whatever goes on in the company. This will give you an added advantage during the actual interview. Now, these are the tips on how to research a company.

Pay a visit to the company website

The company website carries a lot of information. Make sure you visit it and take your time. Don’t just scan through and miss crucial details. Find out what products or services the company offers. Know their mission statement, vision, objectives, history and motto. You can mostly find this information on the About Us page.
Also, you can visit the recruitment section and see if you can find anything useful. Most companies include the job requirements and the type of employees they prefer in the recruitment section. In case there are any press statements, you can also read through them. 

Search Google regarding the company name

You can be amazed at how much information you can find on Google regarding the company. Google news keep updates about famous companies and this can help you know their latest developments. For instance, you will know if they’re about to launch a new product or expand their presence to another continent. 
You can find press releases and learn new things about the company. This can really help you during the interview. For instance, you can ask something like, “I just learnt you’re launching a new product in the course of the year. Tell me more about that.” The interviewer may be so impressed at how much you know about the company. 

Research social media of the company

Visit the company’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, pages. You may find some new information that you may have missed in Google news. For instance, their Facebook page can contain photos of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. This will let you know about their community services and general company culture.
In case of end-year parties, prize-giving, and other celebrations, you will find out more about that. This will help you know what kind of company you’re heading to.
Also, the mode of management of the social media accounts will enable you paint a picture of them. Do they upload information consistently? Do they respond to comments from the general public? Are there complaints and bad reviews on their pages? 

Research the financial health of the company

Knowing the financial strength of a company is important before going for the interview. You can actually find this information in the company website. Annual reports, investments, revenue, expenditure, and profit or loss margin can enable you find out how healthy the company is financially.
Also, you may not want to work for a company that could be on the verge of collapsing. With consistent losses, it may even be difficult for the company to pay its employees on time. You don’t want to go some months without pay, do you?

Knowing about the financial strength of the company can also help you give accurate answers in the interview. 

Learn about key players of the organization

Who are the most important people that keep the company running? Who has contributed greatly to the growth of the company? These are the details you should have when going for an interview. Knowing them will impress the interviewer and who knows; you may be hired. 
Key players of the organization may include the top management, suppliers, external investors, financiers, and stake holders. How they work towards improving the performance of the company should help you know what they may expect from you. This will give you a good chance to prepare for the interview questions perfectly.

Skills the company values

What is the company looking for? What does it have already? Who are listed as their best employees? What skills does the company consider excellent? These are very crucial questions. From the answers, you can know how to package yourself well for the interview. 
If you have some of the skills they value, your chances of landing the job may be higher. Also, you will know the manner in which you’re supposed to answer the interview questions. Packaging yourself as a person who can contribute to the company greatly can be so good. Make sure you don’t tell lies about your skills just to impress the interviewer. Have evidence and papers to prove that indeed you’re skilled.


In any interview, you’ll never miss questions regarding the organization. It’s up to you to research as much as you can. Although they may not ask you much about the company, what you learn about it may help you frame your answers well. Make sure you conduct enough research and stay prepared. You can even talk to some of the company staff and find out something from them. Make use of every detail to be the best candidate. Before you know it, you could be preparing for your first day at work.