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How to Wear a Maxi Skirt In 2022

Maxi skirts have evolved from a hot fashion trend to a wardrobe must-have. Even still, how to dress a maxi skirt is an often questioned subject. What other ways can you dress a maxi skirt besides wearing it with a basic tank top? There are a plethora of long skirts to pick from, including tulle maxi skirts, column skirts, patterned skirts, pleated skirts, sheer skirts, and striped skirts.

Long skirts may also be worn for a variety of occasions, from formal events to casual summer clothes. They’re a wardrobe must-have that flatters almost every body type.

How To Wear Maxi Skirt: The Ultimate Guide

Try a Crop Top With Your Maxi

A crop top looks terrific with a high-waisted maxi skirt, just like it does with a pair of high-waisted jeans, and it’s definitely one of the hottest ways to wear a maxi skirt this season. If you’re hesitant to wear a crop top, go for one that simply exposes a little amount of flesh. I do this by size up and wearing it with a flowy skirt with a high waist.

In the summer, it’s a terrific way to wear a long skirt. This flowery maxi skirt looks stunning when worn with a white blouse that complements the skirt’s main color. It’s certainly one of my favorite maxi skirt looks, and it’s so simple to reproduce.

Pair Your Maxi Skirt With a Button-Down Top

A belt and a smart and casual button-down are a casual way to outfit a maxi skirt. This pleated maxi skirt is just stunning, and I adore how the button-down counteracts the floating sensation. Because the maxi skirt is a solid color, it looks excellent with a pattern shirt that matches the skirt’s tone.

Try a Full Skirt With a Fitted Top


Do you have a lovely tulle maxi skirt like this one? Maybe a maxi dress made of chiffon, silk, or sequins? Pair it with a fitting long sleeve shirt or a bodysuit and let the volume do the talking. I’m currently obsessed with stunning tulle maxi skirts under $100, like these from Chicwish! This design is ideal for big occasions since it is stunning and opulent.

Belt Your Mexi Skirt With a Denim Shirt

When wearing a maxi skirt, a slim or statement belt is a terrific way to define your waist, and it looks amazing with this denim blouse! This maxi skirt design can be easily replicated with almost any top, including a short, long sleeve shirt or even a tank. A chambray shirt is a nice “neutral” to try if you have a brightly colored skirt like this. However, you may opt for a dramatic look with clashing colors or stick to essentials like a white T-shirt.

Layer Your Long Skirt

Layering is a quick and easy method to add intrigue to any look, and the maxi skirt is no exception. Layering is a smart approach to add elegance to any maxi skirt attire, whether you have a denim vest in your wardrobe or are thinking of layering with a tank and cropped leather jacket.

A flexible piece to add to your collection is a black maxi skirt like this one. While the example above is a maxi dress, the principle is applicable to both!Another fashionable way to layer a long skirt is with a denim jacket. It’s a lovely spring dress, especially when coupled with a statement necklace.

Allow the necklace and skirt to speak for themselves, and choose a solid-colored or striped blouse to complete the ensemble. If you don’t already own a statement necklace, now is the time to get one. Consider a charming scarf like this one from Extra Petite. It’s a timeless combo that never goes out of style.

Keep It Simple With a T-Shirt

Try this style with a basic tucked-in T-shirt if you’re seeking for ideas on how to wear long skirts casually. Despite the fact that this pink maxi skirt is on the dressier side, the casual top softens the appearance. This is definitely one of my favorite ways to wear a maxi skirt since it looks effortless chic and everyone owns a gorgeous top.

Try a Monochromatic Look

This velvet tiered skirt from Chicwish is a terrific option if you’re searching for an elegant maxi skirt. I wore it with a blush-toned tank, but it would also look great with a basic white tank top in the summer or a long sleeve shirt in the winter (I wear this one).

Go For White Maxi Shirt

A white maxi skirt is a must-have for warm weather, and it’s perfect for beach holidays! Try an all-white outfit like this Lulu’s two-piece set, which is also available in pink and sage green.

Style Your Maxi Skirts With Boots

I’ll be the first to say that combining a long skirt with boots isn’t the simplest style to pull off, but it’s so stylish when done well! Look for a maxi or midi skirt with a touch of ankle showing to pull this off. This pattern skirt is perfect for the fall season and looks fantastic with a simple black top or crop top.

Keep it Simple With a Matching Set

Still undecided on which shirt to go with your long skirts? Go for a matching pair to keep things simple. There are so many to choose from, such as this glitzy look (available separately) with an ultra-shimmery fabric that would be perfect for a special summer event or other formal events.

Choosing The Right Top for Your Maxi Skirt

  • Look for fitting tees, tanks, bodysuits, and crop tops instead than bulky items. I’ll simply tie a basic shirt now and then! Just make sure it doesn’t have too much fabric.
  • Try a sweater that’s either slightly cropped or tucked in during the colder months. Choose a sweater that isn’t too thick and won’t show through your skirt.
  • If you’re unsure, go with a white blouse. It goes with almost anything.
  • Avoid peplum tops, which have mostly fallen out of favor in 2022.

The Right shoes To Wear With Long Skirt

It might also be difficult to know what shoes to pair with maxi skirts. In general, you’ll want to wear high heels, whether they’re open-toed or closed-toed. You may wear your maxi skirt with sandals in the summer if your skirt doesn’t drag. If it’s dragging, though, it’s time to get out the heels! In the spring and summer, wedges are also a good option if you’re wearing a long skirt. Just make sure your shoes aren’t too high to make your skirt appear too short.


As you can see, long maxi skirts may be worn in a variety of ways. It’s also a trend you may wear in the winter, as well as the spring and summer. In the spring, try flowery skirts; in the fall, try styling your skirt. Wear a floppy hat and a cropped jacket or blazer to complete the look.

If you’re still undecided, a white tee or basic shirt would suffice. Layers like as necklaces, scarves, and coats can be added until you’re ready for a more fashionable look.


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