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From Craftman Floor Covering to Best Flooring – Get to know all About Big Bob’s Flooring

In the year 1953, Sidney Feldman discovered that Indianapolis was yet to fully exploit the fledging floor covering industry. To this end, he began to contemplate opening a serious flooring firm to serve this given region. With the help of a friend, he started to service contract builders. His tenacity led to the launch of a new firm: Craftman Floor Covering, which is one of the pioneers of the Indianapolis’ home building contracting industry.

Enter the Big Bob’s Franchise

For over half a century, Craftman Floor Covering’s name was altered for a couple of times. In 2008, Feldman teamed up with Dave Elychar to open Big Bob’s Flooring as part of their nationwide franchise. Ever since 1983, Elychar was running his very first store in this franchise. His active input in the Indianapolis store gave Bib Bob’s Indy a significant edge over its competitors, including the big chains. This, nevertheless, didn’t comprise the top notch customer service it offered.

The Best Flooring evolution

Some time later, Jeff Dawalt bought the franchise and renamed it Best Flooring. Under his leadership, it has become acclaimed for its top quality products and installation services. The Best Inspect’ is one of its most notable features, and is a method where the team can do away with all issues before closing a sale. For its contribution to the industry, this company has bagged a number of awards and recognition. This includes the National Housing Quality certification from the National Association of Home Builders. It has also bagged the Best Subcontractor of the Year for 2 consecutive years. While bagging the Estridge Home’s President Award in 2 different occasions as well. Also, Davis Homes recognized this firm as the Subcontractor of the Year. The zeal, skill and professionalism of its staff has enabled it to offer installation services to notable clients, one of whom is Habitat for Humanity. It was being part of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Now, Best Flooring has moved its base of operations to a state of art facility located in the NorthWest region of Indianapolis. Its warehouse is stocked with a big number of quality flooring products like resilient- vinyl floors, stone, hardwood, carpet and even tile.

Just what does Best Flooring has to offer?

This company retains a highly skilled and trained staff, which can handle virtually any flooring installation. Before making any purchase, they will be at hand to discuss your exact requirements and preferences. This ensures you can make the right material decisions for your project Flooring

Hardwood flooring

Best Flooring offers a huge selection of wooden flooring options. This ranges from scratch proof to temperamental hardwood. You get to pick from a variety of finishes, wood finishes, styles and styles. You will also be able to obtain expert advice on how to take care of your hardwood floor.

Stone flooring

Stone flooring is an age old building material. It is robust, solid and long lasting. This firm provides a couple of stone flooring options, which include marble, limestone, granite and even travertine to name but a few.

Tile flooring

Ceramic tiles come with distinctive textures and an array of colors from which you can settle for the one that best meets your needs and inclinations. All of these products are designed to effectively add some character to any room in your home. Ceramic tiles can as well be an excellent option for high traffic areas along with those that are prone to take spills or stains. This company offers numerous patterns and even styles of tile you could ultimately settle for.

Carpet flooring

This is a conventional flooring solution, which can lend your rooms a delightful touch of unparalleled elegance. The staff of Best Flooring will be at hand to assist you in your selections of cuts, styles, fibers, yarns and colors. They will also furnish with ideal care instructions to make sure your carpet can retain its elegance for many years to come.


From Sidney Feldman’s vision to the professionalism of Dave Elchar and his Big Bob’s Flooring franchise and ultimately to Jeff Dawalt’s passion, this firm has cut out a niche for itself in this industry. It takes great pride to be able to offer high quality flooring products and installation services. Not to mention the top notch customer service it provides to all its clients. It also stands behind the workmanship of its skilled and experienced team of installers with a 100% warranty.


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