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How to Answer Some of the Most Common Interview Questions 

Landing an interview for your dream job is one thing. However, getting the actual job is another thing, a harder one. Once you receive that invitation, you need to do everything possible within your means to get employed. It can be tougher in case the competition is stiff. However, there are awesome tips you can leverage to be on the safer side.  

Top 6 common Interview Questions Interviewer Might Ask 

there are some very common questions that you can rarely miss in an interview. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you’re applying for. Skype interviews can even be tougher since you need a high quality camera, reliable internet, and a perfect sound system for clarity. Below are the questions you should put in mind and have their appropriate answers at your finger tips. Check this out.

Tell me about yourself

This is usually the first question in most cases. When an interviewer asks you this, grab the opportunity and showcase what you can offer to the company. Don’t give too much personal information about yourself. Also, don’t give too little information. 

Make sure you connect whatever is in your resume and cover letter to bring out a perfect picture of you. Package yourself with your skills and personality in a way that will benefit the organization. You can talk about your current endeavors, your previous jobs, and the experience you have. 

What’s your greatest strength?

This is another common question. You could be having different strengths. But which ones are related to the job you’re applying for? For instance, you can’t mention something like, “I can read fast” when the job doesn’t entail any reading. Give what you can do best and make sure it’s relevant to the post. 

Also, you should give real life incidences that prove your strength. For instance, you can say something like, “I am a good problem solver. In my previous job as a manager, I solved critical problems like employee strikes, water shortage, and employee conflicts.”  

What are your biggest weaknesses?

This is not a chance to tarnish your own name and display the worst side of you. When you hear this question, play your cards well. Your weakness can be strength in a way. Depending on the type of job you’re applying for, make sure you display an underlying strength from your weakness. 

For instance, say, “When I’m doing something, I tend to focus on it so much that I can’t even notice those around me. I end up ignoring important people who may possibly be in need of my attention.” This is a weakness. However, it paints you as a focused person who can fully concentrate on their work. 

Alternatively, you can give a real weakness and explain how you’re working to improve on it. For instance, “I’m very slow at work. However, I am challenging myself to improve on my speed by setting shorter deadlines for myself.” 

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Why should we hire you?

This question gives you a great opportunity to pitch for the job. It requires you to show why you think you’re better than other applicants and why you’re fit for the job. Here, simply outline your qualifications and skills in line with the position. Make the interviewer see why you’re the appropriate person for the job. 
Say something like, “I have 10 years of experience in the hospitality industry, just like what you’re asking for. I also have adequate skills in this field.” You can add other useful skills even if they don’t relate with the job position. For example, ability to work in teams and follow instructions can be a plus for you. 

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This question is meant to gauge whether you have any goals for your career. Here, make sure you answer according to your field of profession. Something like, “I want to have more kids” is completely irrelevant. Make sure you imagine about yourself in 5 years. Who do you want to be?  

An answer like, “I want to be one of the greatest managers with a wide range of skills in management. I want to be a manager that can keep a big company running without major issues.” If you want to own a company by then, you can also mention it. This will determine whether you’re fit for the position or not. 

Do you have any questions for me?

Here, lacking a question to ask the interviewer can paint a very awful picture of you. You have to play smart and make sure you ask the most relevant questions. This is because you also need to learn several things about the company. Be careful not to ask too many questions. You don’t want to turn your interviewer into a candidate, do you? 

Here, you can ask questions about what the company expects from you. These are some of the examples. What achievement do you expect from me in the first 60 days? Do you reward good performers? What else can I do to get the best employee rating?  

The answers to these questions will enable you work harder to achieve what the company expects of you. Being a new employee can be challenging. You may spend your first day at work just looking at people and getting astonished at everything. Having a short term goal will enable you fit in fast and focus on your goals. 

Bottom line 

These questions sound pretty easy. However, you should put you best foot forward and answer your best. The way you answer them may determine whether you’ll land your dream job or not. You can search for more Skype interview tips and master them to better your chances of getting the job. Play your cards well and receive a hiring letter. Good luck. 

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