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CFA level 1

Level I of the Chartered Financial Analyst Exam

The Chartered Financial Analyst designation, widely known as CFA, is one of the most important and respected certifications in the financial sector. To hold the CFA designation, a contender must appear to the CFA examinations through the CFA Training Program and successfully pass it all three levels. The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation is a globally recognized course, and after appearing and passing the all three CFA exams, you can secure a high paying job in the financial sector. However, it is one of the toughest competitive exams conducted at a global level.

By completing the Chartered Financial Analyst training program, you not only will you boost your career, but the CFA designation is needed by companies and consumers in market Finance. Furthermore, the program is not only about finance but has a strong emphasis on Ethics in the business world. Hence, it is also beneficial for consumers who do business with a company that follows the Standards of Conduct to know that their employees following strict ethical boundaries.

The CFA training requirements are different for different students depending on the studies and experience. However, not everyone can apply for CFA training program; there are some eligibility rules that contenders need to follow.

A contender must hold bachelor’s degree from a recognized university before applying as a candidate for the CFA level 1 exam. If a candidate does not have a degree, he must have four years of relevant experience. (Part time jobs are not considered as experience). If you are in your final year degree course, you can also apply for the CFA level 1 exam. After finishing the first level, you are asked to produce the degree and can then apply for the next levels. However, it is necessary to clear level one and two for appearing in the third level. According to new norms of CFA Training Program Institute, a contender must have a valid passport before applying for an exam.

To provide ease of study, the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute has collaborated with a few universities that cover the most of the CFA level 1 exam in a degree course. This way, students save time for level one. The Chartered Financial Analyst is a self-study program, but it is good if you get guidance from experienced people. A few websites, like have CFA level 1 preparation material that is designed to help you pass the exam with ease. A regular audit has conducted in universities by CFA Institutes to maintain the quality of education and course.

To complete your Chartered Financial Analyst Training Requirements you can choose Chartered Financial Analyst Training Course in at HEC Montreal, Cornell University, or any other program of your liking shown here: Passing the Chartered Financial Analyst examinations is a difficult career option and needs commitment and dedication. However, for dedicated contenders, having the three letters “CFA” next to your name signifies the beginning of a new journey.

Level I Chartered Financial Analyst Exam Preparation Guide

Chartered Financial Analyst Level 1

The CFA level 1 is the first of three examinations provided by the CFA Institute. This examination (in addition to other requirements) must be passed for an individual to become a CFA level II candidate. The CFA program is a worldwide identified standard for calculating the proficiency and reliability of economic experts. Level I concentrates on tools and ideas that implement to financial commitment assessment and control.


CFA Institute requires from applicants a Bachelors degree or equivalent. An omission can be made where you can write the stage 1 if you a) are in the final season of your undergrad program, b) have four years of professional experience or c) have a combination of both, amounting to at least four years.


The CFA Institute holds the images associated with the CFA program. The abbreviation “CFA” can relate only to the Chartered Financial Analyst status. According to the CFA Institute, the three years of experience in the financial field can be finished before the first stage examination is written, during which time an applicant is preparing for CFA examinations level I, II, and III.