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Best Magsafe Charger in 2021: Top Picks Reviewed

Magsafe Charger is a familiar name because MagSafe used to be on all the MacBooks by Apple previously before switching to USB-C. In the Magsafe charger, several rings of magnets are used for iPhone12 models to be connected to other accessories that also have magnets built inside. Just as a Magnet snaps onto a fridge, Apple’s ‌MagSafe‌ Charger snaps right onto the back of an iPhone.

With the Apple‌ MagSafe‌ charger and Apple MagSafe duo charger at a maximum of 11W, and with a 27W or higher USB-C power adapter, it charges up to 14W. Charging with the Best ‌MagSafe‌ Charger is faster than charging with a Qi-based charger per the Magsafe Charger review. It certainly makes life a lot easier. Some of the best Magsafe Chargers are listed below per their review and ranking for Best Buy MagSafe charger.

Best Magsafe Chargers in 2021: Our Top Picks

1. Apple MagSafe Charger

Apple MagSafe Charger This is one of the Best Magsafe Chargers in the Market. It costs £39/$39. It is compatible with Apple devices which currently include AirPods Pro and all iPhone 12 models. The Charger also functions as a Qi-certified charger, so it will still wirelessly charge any device with that capability. It just won’t connect via the magnets. It comes with a 1meter long cable (Type-C) in the box to connect Magsafe Charger. It gives Maximum output of 20W, which is considered best for a wireless charger.

Product Features

It has a Magnetic attachment and can avail 15W fast Charging. It is Qi-certified wireless charging and also compatible with many Apple accessories.


It eliminates the problem of tangled Cables. It is super handy and travel-friendly. Also, the best part is that it is twice as fast as the original Qi wireless chargers.


The adapter is sold separately, and it’s a bit pricey. It has Charger Compatibility issues as it’s specially designed for iPhone 12 series. It may support other models. However, it will be slower. Its Charging Speed is half of what the charging cable takes, and it may also heat, which can affect the battery life.

2. Apple MagSafe Duo Charger


The MagSafe Duo Charger is designed to quickly and safely wirelessly charge your iPhone 12 and Apple Watch simultaneously. It’s the second among the Best Magsafe Chargers.

Product Features

The MagSafe Duo Charger conveniently charges your compatible iPhone, Apple Watch, Wireless Charging Case for AirPods, and other Qi-certified devices. This duo Charger has two magnetic charging docks, which ensure quick Charging. You have to place your phone over it. It is compatible with Airpods,iPhone 1,1, and pro-Max as well. Output is 20W, comes with 1 -meter long USB cable (Type C) in the box.


It is very lightweight and durable. It is a compact, all-in-one design. Classic Apple aesthetics Uses the same Lightning cable as iPhone Apple Watch can be used flat or in Nightstand mode Works with any Qi-enabled device. It also protects the phone from current related issues.


Its cable is prone to cracking. White finish can get dirty quickly. In the box, no adapter is included.

3. ZeeHoo MagSafe Car Charger


MagSafe Charger from ZeeHoo that you can use in your car while traveling.

Products Feature

In the box, it comes with two attachments that can be fit on the dashboard as well as the Ac vents. It offers a maximum output of 15W, which is enough to charge your iPhone 12 Pro Max quickly. It also has a Magnetic Mount with an Adjustable View and a strong suction cup. It is beneficial while traveling. It has a 360-degree rotatable base, so you can use navigation while the phone is charged. Also, the clamp which holds the arm is retractable, which adds convenience.


It comes with an AC vent and suction cup attachment with very Intelligent protection. It also has a Versatile mount with auto-clamping. It also provides overcurrent and overvoltage protection to your phone.


It is only compatible with iPhone 12 series. You cannot charge AirPods with it.

4. Belkin Magnetic Portable Wireless Charger 10K


The Belkin Charger performs the dual function both as a wireless charging pad and a portable power bank. It costs $69.99 and comes in two colors, Black and white.

Product Feature

MagSafe is compatible with fast wireless iPhone 12 charging up to 7.5W, Perfect alignment, and easy, one-handed magnetic placement. It has a very Slim, lightweight design which is perfect for traveling. Charge your phone and recharge the power bank at the same time for Up to 34 hours and additional wireless video playback for 41 hours. Through USB-A cable Compatible with MagSafe official cases, LED light tells you when to recharge. The power supply unit means the adapter is not included in the box.


There’s no heating issue whatsoever. Belkin wireless charging pad avails steady and seamless wireless Charging.


MagSafe needs to be placed exactly in the center of the charging pad. The phone would stop charging when moved slightly out of the center portion. No Adapter iChargerded.

5. Anker Magnetic Wireless Charger


Anker Magsafe charger is one of the best you can get in a lesser amount. If you are in no mood to cough up hundreds of dollars on a MagSafe charger, consider this magnetic wireless Charger from Anker. From the looks, it just seems like the Apple Mags Thickness costs less.

Product Features

It comes with a 5 feet long USB Type-C cable and compatible with the iPhone 12 line-up. The Charger is very sleek and looks very elegant and aestMagSafes well, which is the best deal. It also provides overcurrent and overvoltage protection, with a very decent warranty.


It comes with a 5-feet durable cable. A powerful magnet ensures perfect alignment for Quick Charging. It has an Unobstructed design.


It is not compatible with other iPhones. It can charge your AirPods. It is very delicate to use. No adapter in the box.

6. ESR HaloLock Magnetic 7.5W Wireless Car Charger


The ESR HaloLock Magnetic 7.5W Wireless Car Charger is an excellent MagSafe charging option for your car. It attaches to an air vent.

Product Features

It is powered by a USB-A cable. This amount is only compatible with the iPhone 12 series, ESR HaloLock cases, and official MagSafe cases.


The mount can be tilted, and the phone can be rotated on the magnet for the ideal viewing experience. Works with iPhone 12 series and MagSafe cases Reliable wireless charging Adjustable viewing angles Stable mounting Easy to install $40 is reasonable.


You’ll need to have either a car charger or a built-in USB-A port that supports 18W QC fast charging to get the best results. It is only available at online stores, and the Shipping may take some time. It is not officially licensed as MagSafe.

7. Soft Foot Magnetic Wireless Car Phone Charger

Soft Foot Magnetic Wireless Car Phone Charger

The Soft Foot Magnetic Wireless Car Phone Charger is a special MagSafe car charger. The mount attaches to your car air vent with auto-clamping arms and features 360° rotation.

Product Features

The Charger has built-in temperature protection, over-current protection, and short-circuit protection. Soft Foot even states that the mounting arms can be removed if you want to use the charging pad as a desktop Qi wireless charger, which could be helpful.


It has 15W quick Charging, 360° rotation, and also Overheat protection.


Instead of MagSafe heat protection, the Charger gets a bit hot while charging, directly affecting battery life.

8. Spigen MagSafe Wireless Charging Pad


Spigen  Magsafe Charger is one the best when it comes to style. It is compatible with the whole iPhone 12 series and Airpods. 

Product Features

Spigen Magsafe charging pad has an anti-slip pad system that perfectly sticks to the phone and avoids slipping while charging. It comes with the3.3 feet anti-tangle cable and a powerful magnet that finds the right spot and fits efficiently to the Magsafe case. It is best for regular usage, with a maximum output of 20W.


It Safeguards your phone from current-related issues. No overheating at all. It comes with a 48-month warranty.


It’s compatible with only genuine MagSafe Chargers. The adapter is sold separately.

FAQs of Magsafe Charger:

  • How to Use MagSafe Charger?

Using a Magsafe CHarger is a very simple process. First, you have to connect your USB Cable (TYPE- C) onto your Magsafe Charger according to the recommended watt (generally 20W) or more excellent USB-C power adapter or the one which comes with your product box. It can also be connected to any PC or Macbook. After That, carefully place the Magsafe Charger facing Upwards on a flat surface, clear of any metal objects. It will then display the Magsafe type animation on the screen, which reads out the current charge of the phone.

  • Is MagSafe Charging Your Phone Fast?

MagSafe Charging is twice as fast as Qi Wireless Charging. But your MagSafe iPhone charger can pull only 15W that the original adapter provided with the Magsafe Charger itself. But it charges half the speed of the lighting port cable. The fastest Charging can only be possible if you use the lighting port connection cable.

  • Can You Use a MagSafe Charger Without a MagSafe Case or Stand?

Using a Magsafe Charger without a case or a stand is completely dependable on the Thickness of a case or stand. You can use Magsafe to Charge your iPhone without a case or any other case that isn’t MagSafe compatible. Still, the charging speed and result are dependable on the Thickness only. Generally, a thickness of 2.0mm is recommended, which is very thin. With the thicker case, you won’t use your MagSafe Charger or even attach it. So, if you don’t have a Magsafe case, make sure you are using a thin case.

  • Can You change your Apple Watch with a MagSafe Charger?

You can’t use your Magsafe Charger to Charge your Apple watch. It comes with its Charger. But some of the products that are listed above let you change your Apple watch, not every. The product that you can use is the Apple Magsafe duo Charger for Charging your Apple Watch.

  • Which Devices are Compatible with the MagSafe Charger?

There are different sorts of Magsafe Chargers as listed above. It is primarily compatible with the iPhone 12 and its pro models as they have magnetic alignment. Some Magsafe Chargers are also compatible with the earlier models of the iPhone. It can also be used to charge the Airpods with the help of the Charging Case. Apple MagSafe Duo Charger can be used to Charge Apple watches as well.


Lastly, the Best Magsafe Charger can be of greater ease of use for a person who uses an iPhone and faces regular issues while charging as its battery dies fast. It’s not always possible to find a lighting port. So, for emergencies and tangled-free Charging, it’s the best product. But every product has its disadvantages as well. It takes time compared to the lighting connection cable charging but for faster than the Qi chargers.

The best part is that it can be used for different products and add style and aesthetics to your life. It would be best if you considered all the pros and cons, make sure that it’s worthy of the money you’re paying, and comes with different protection features to make the best buy for your best Magsafe Chargers charge your devices trouble-free.


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