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Best Luxury Smartwatches in 2021: The Ultimate Guide

Technology has significantly changed the design and functionality of wearables such as watches. Nowadays, a simple device such as a smartwatch can provide you with comprehensive health information, location insights, allow you to make contactless payments, store and listen to audio files, monitor your sleep and workout sessions, offer you real-time guidance, and many other things. But besides offering all these beneficial functionalities, smartwatches have been upgraded with unique design features for a touch of luxury. So, what’s the best luxury smartwatch that you can buy? Well, below is a review of the best luxury smartwatches for men and women in 2021.

What Is a Smartwatch Actually?

A smartwatch is a wearable computing device in the form of a watch. The latest version of modern smartwatches is designed with a touchscreen interface to enhance ease of use. They can also be linked to associate smartphone applications for management purposes and enhance ease of use.

What Makes a Smartwatch?

Smartwatches are designed with extra components since they offer a broad range of information array other than just time. Some of the key components that make a smartwatch include:

  • Sensors – Biosensors, motion sensors, and environmental sensors
  • Wireless chipset- For data transmission through GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, and WiFi
  • Microprocessor
  • Memory unit
  • Operating system
  • Display/ smart user interface
  • Battery

What Does a Smartwatch Do for You?

Different smartwatches are designed to offer different functions. However, most of them are designed with the primary function of offering wellness and fitness information. This means that they can track your steps, monitor your running pace, track your sleep, oxygen levels, and heart rate. But apart from fitness tracking, there are still other functions of smartwatches, and they include:

  • GPS: Most of them are made with in-built GPS systems that offer location tracking and location-specific alerts.
  • Application support: You can integrate them with other 3rd-party applications for support. For instance, they also work with yoga apps, hiking apps, diving apps, etc.
  • Media management: You can use your wearable smart device to store and listen to media files, especially those in audio format.
  • Calls and message management: Devices made with a voice dictation feature can be used to answer calls or messages by voice.
  • Notifications: With their sensors, they can quickly notify the wearer of possible health dangers, e.g., an extremely high level of heart rate, low blood oxygen, etc. A smartwatch can also alert your emergency contact if you are in danger.

Best Luxury Smartwatch for Men in 2021

A combination of versatility and luxury in accessories is what most men are often looking for nowadays. With numerous brands that make smartwatches, men now have a wide range of product options to choose from. Whether they are looking for something ergonomic and durable or simply something that they can use to upgrade their fashion sense and make a statement, each of these products is there. Some of these watches have designer cuts that make them ideal for wearing even in business meetings.

So, for the best luxury smartwatches for men in 2021, here is a review of our top picks.

  • Apple Watch Series 6: Best Overall
  • Garmin VivoActive 4: Best Luxury Smartwatch for Health
  • Fitbit Versa 3: Best Fitbit Luxury Smartwatch
  • Casio Pro Trek: Best for City Lifestyle
  • Huawei Watch 2: Best Budget-Friendly Android Option
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: Best Luxury Smartwatch for Active Men
  • Moto 360: Best High-Impact Luxury Smartwatch
  • Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire: Best Luxury Smartwatch for Sports
  • Emporio Armani 3: Best Hybrid Smartwatch
  • Amazfit Bip U Pro: Best Affordable Luxury Smartwatch
  • Hublot Big Bang E Titanium – Best Durable Luxury Smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 6: Best Overall

Apple watch series 6


Taking the top spot for the best luxury smartwatch for men is Apple’s Series 6. It has everything that you could need in a smart wellness device. Whether it’s constant monitoring, luxurious design, versatility in performance, or comprehensive health information, you can rely on this device.

It’s a stylish and timeless classic with upgraded modern features. You can use it to measure blood oxygen levels, track your sleep patterns, or even track an altimeter. The waterproof device is also compatible with tons of other apps, providing a higher level of efficiency.

Products Features

  • In-built GPS model
  • Allows you to check your heart rhythm with the ECG app
  • Features a blood oxygen sensor
  • 5 GHz WiFi connectivity and a U1 ultra-wideband chip
  • Always-On Retina Display that’s 2.5X brighter in outdoor settings
  • Up to 18 hours battery life

Garmin Vivo Active 4: Best Luxury Smartwatch for Health

Garmin Vivo Active 4

VivoActive 4 by Garmin is designed to offer you comprehensive information regarding your wellness. It’s carefully crafted and fitted with several sensors that pick health data to the smallest detail. As a result, this wearable hand accessory offers a wide range of insights, including stress levels, hydrations, and even energy levels.

The fact that it allows you to install 3rd-party apps and supports customization means that you can effectively customize it to cater to your needs. It’s easy to make follow-ups, watch animated workouts, and even make contactless payments by simply using this watch.

Product Features

  • Offers comprehensive health information, including energy levels, stress, respiration, and hydration, etc.
  • In-built GPS
  • Features over 20 preloaded apps for sports, including running, swimming, and yoga.
  • It can be personalized to suit specific needs.
  • Allows you to download and listen to songs or podcasts
  • Up to 7 days battery life

Best Fitbit Luxury Smartwatch

Fitbit luxury smartwatch


Fitbit Versa 3 is luxuriously designed to take care of all your fitness metrics. For those who enjoy engaging in fitness activities but want a smartwatch with some touch of luxury, this is one of the best options.

It should be noted that the hand accessory is made with an AMOLED display that never goes off. This makes Versa 3 a reliable companion that you can constantly take with you anywhere. Its personalized features significantly enhance its effectiveness, making it a possible replacement for your mobile phone.

Products Features

  • In-built GPS
  • 24/7 heart rate monitoring
  • Best luxury smartwatch for iPhone with in-built Alexa
  • In-built microphone and speaker
  • Ideal for storing and playing music and podcasts
  • Six days battery life

Casio Pro Trek: Best for City Lifestyle

Casio pro trek


This is one of the top smartwatches that perfectly fits the disruptive city lifestyle. Protek is a comfortable and stylish accessory that’s designed with a wide range of sensors. This makes it perfect for outdoor use, especially if you are keen on monitoring various aspects of wellness.
It’s also durable, and this means that it’s perfect for outdoor adventures. You can wear it while swimming, fishing, cycling, and hiking, among other activities. It’s worth noting that this device is also made with a dual-layer display. As a result, it allows for lasting use as this feature helps to preserve the battery.

Products Features

  • Water resistance of up to 5 ATM
  • Durable and ideal for a wide range of intense activity
  • Packs lots of sensors and is suitable for continuous tracking
  • Dual-layer display technology for prolonged battery life
  • 1.5 days battery life

Huawei Watch 2: Best Budget-Friendly Android Option

Huawei watch


Buying a luxury smartwatch can be quite expensive. However, Huawei brings even affordability closer with its Watch 2. Its features suit Android lovers who are keen on using a versatile and affordable smartwatch with the latest design features.

Whether it’s sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, or GPS tracking, watch 2 has everything that you need. You can even pair it with wireless earbuds just to enjoy your favorite music.

Products Features

  • In-built GPS plus continuous heart rate monitor
  • Workout coach that offers real-time data and guidance
  • A scientific sleep tracking feature
  • Google Assistant, NFC, and Google Pay
  • Two days battery life

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2: Best Luxury Smartwatch for Active Men

Samsung galaxy watch active 2


If you are an active man who’s looking for a luxurious smartwatch that can support your lifestyle, then look no further. Samsung Galaxy’s Active two watch is uniquely designed with all the functionalities that support quick tracking activities.

It allows you to conveniently keep track of your sleep trends, your walking pace, heart rate, trail runs, and all the other important stuff. Its effectiveness is even more enhanced when paired with a Samsung phone, allowing for improved efficiency. Overall, it’s built for endurance, allowing you to remain active anytime, anywhere.

Products Features

  • Compatible with both Android and iOS
  • Automatic sleep monitoring
  • Samsung Pay
  • Spotify music playlist support for offline use
  • 24/7 activity tracking
  • Swim tracking
  • Five days battery life

Moto 360: Best High-Impact Luxury Smartwatch

Moto 360 Best High-Impact Luxury Smartwatch


This 3rd gen smartwatch is not only a charmer but also a durable accessory that can withstand impact. It’s one of the top smartwatches for men that offers value for money with its high durability and sleek design.

Moto 360 smartwatch for men is carefully crafted to complement different fashion senses while guaranteeing wears of long-lasting legitimacy. From its water-resistant screen to the leather handles, this is a classy smartwatch that exudes luxury at every angle.

Products Features

  • Carefully crafted with durable leather material and scratch-resistant screen for long-lasting use
  • Highly versatile, luxurious, and complements every fashion sense for men
  • 60 minutes quick charge to save more time
  • Ultra-fast processor with 1 GB RAM
  • 12 hours battery life

Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire: Best Luxury Smartwatch for Sports

Garmin Fenix 6X Sapphire


This rugged and utilitarian hand accessory won’t fail to disappoint you whether you are indoors or outdoors. It’s built to effectively cater to the needs of anyone leading an active lifestyle, especially those who are into sporting activities.

Garmin Fenix 6 Sapphire is made with upgraded features such as training status, training load balance, in addition to cycling dynamics. Besides that, its sporty design normally allows users to create their hiking routes thanks to its high-precision navigation feature.

Products Features

  • Performance metrics, advanced sleep monitoring, and hydration tracking
  • In-built GPS system
  • Daily workout suggestions
  • Stipulated recovery time after every workout
  • Pace-pro technology that gives you grade-adjusted guidance for your running course
  • 32 GB memory storage for music and apps
  • 10 ATM water rating
  • 21 days battery life with the battery saver mode that can last up to 80 days

Emporio Armani 3: Best Hybrid Smartwatch

Emporio Armani 3


Armani 3 is where style meets the latest technology. This device makes a new generation of smartwatch that’s powered with the remarkable Wear OS by Google. This makes it the best Android smartwatch with a hybrid design.

It’s quite versatile and durable, making it a perfect sporting accessory for any man who is into wellness. It features a speaker for audible alerts in addition to Google Assistant for enhanced functionality. With Armani 3, you cannot also personalize your watch’s face but also install 3rd-party applications.

Products Features

  • Google fit and GPS for sporting activities
  • Upgraded 8 GB storage for storing music and apps
  • Google Assistant and notifications alert
  • Google Pay
  • More than 1-day battery life
  • Swimproof design of up to 30 m

Amazfit Bip U Pro: Best Affordable Luxury Smartwatch

Amazfit Bip U Pro

Rated as the best budget option for men who are into luxury smartwatches, Amalfi Bip U Pro still delivers when it comes to functionality. For less than $100, this accessory can effectively monitor your blood oxygen levels, heart rate, sports/wellness activity, and sleep tracking, among others. Its premium finish, in addition to its luxurious finish, makes it easily stand out.

Products Features

  • Super lightweight design – weights 31g only
  • A wide range of health tracking metrics can check blood oxygen levels, stress levels, heart rate, breathing, and quality of sleep, etc.
  • 9-day battery life is making it ideal for a full-weeks of use and traveling.
  • Smart notifications for incoming calls, SMS, calendars, and apps
  • In-built GPS system for distance and calorie detection

Hublot Big Bang E Titanium – Best Durable Luxury Smartwatch

Hublot Big Bang E Titanium


Hublot Big Bang E Titanium’s physical appearance makes it the best luxury smartwatch for men who want durable accessories. Made with a 42 mm case with titanium material, this durable smartwatch perfectly cuts between innovation and tradition with its distinct features.

It’s also rated as the best luxury Android smartwatch designed with advanced technology. It features multiple sensors that enhance its effectiveness, including an accelerometer, microphone, ALS, and DC motor.

Products Features

  • 30.8 mmm wide sapphire crystal screen
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon processor for efficiency
  • Multiple sensors for a wide range of tracking options, including LLOB, ALS, DC motor, gyroscope, accelerometer, microphone, etc.
  • Compatible with both iOS and Android devices
  • Bluetooth 4.2 with BLE compatibility and wireless connectivity
  • 24 hours battery life

Best Luxury Smartwatch for Women In 2021: Our Top Picks

Women love accessories, and there’s no better way for you to enhance your appearance other than wearing a luxurious smartwatch. With the smartwatch industry becoming highly competitive, a woman can now have access to various types of watches based on her needs and preferences. These accessories are also available in different colors, and some even come with interchangeable wrist bands.

There are brands that have built their reputation over the years and are currently known to have the best luxury smartwatches for women. From Kate Spade to Fossil Gen 5 Juliana to Garmin Lily, here is a review of the best luxury smartwatch based on different functionalities.

  • Fossil Gen 5 Julianna: Overall Best Luxury Smartwatch for Women
  • Michael Kors Access Runway: Best Luxury Smartwatch for Value
  • Kate Spade Scallop 2: Best Fashionable Luxury Smartwatch
  • Garmin Lily: Best Luxury Smartwatch for Small Wrists
  • Garmin Venu 2: Best Premium Pick Luxury Smartwatch
  • Skagen Falster 3: Best Minimalist Luxury Smartwatch
  • Withings Move: Best Luxury Smartwatch for Versatility

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna: Overall Best Luxury Smartwatch for Women

Fossil Gen 5 Julianna


Fossil has established itself as one of the luxurious smartwatch brands globally. That’s why Gen 5 Julianna has quickly become a hit with women worldwide, thanks to its modern and stylish design. The accessory is designed with a powerful processor that promotes efficiency in addition to sporty features. This is your ideal companion when you want to work out or a wearable accessory that complements different attires.

Products Features

  • In-built tracking feature with heartrate tracking option
  • Music control with an in-built storage
  • Swimproof up to 3 ATM
  • WearOS by Google and with Google Assistant
  • Touchscreen with call function
  • 24-hour battery life

Michael Kors Access Runway: Best Luxury Smartwatch for Value

Michael Kors Access Runway


Access Runway by Michael Kors offers value for money. At its cost-effective price and tons of functionality, this is the best smartwatch to go for when you want an accessory that offers real value. It’s the perfect activity tracker you can take anywhere and even monitor your sleep patterns. Besides that, this is a fashion-forward device with a beautiful design.

Products Features

  • Made with in-built GPS
  • Wide range of sporty features, including heart rate tracking, calorie tracking, sleep monitoring, and many others.
  • A 24-hour battery life
  • Face personalization and music control
  • Google Pay
  • Water-resistant up to 3 ATM

Kate Spade Scallop 2: Best Fashionable Luxury Smartwatch

Kate Spade Scallop 2


Kate Spade is one of the few luxury smartwatch brands that have never failed to meet the needs of its target audience, especially women. Its Scallop 2 is not different from its previous releases. It caters to the unique needs of stylish women who are into fashionable accessories.

Made with a snapdragon processor and numerous sporty functionalities, Scallop 2 is the ideal accessory you can wear daily. Its durability and tons of features mean that it perfectly suits those who love the efficiency of multi-slacking and multitasking.

Products Feature

  • Ideal for tracking several activities, including heart rate, calories, and the number of steps, etc.
  • Made with a touchscreen face making it is ideal for multi-slack and multitask.
  • Wireless battery charge
  • Music control
  • In-built GPS functionality
  • Contactless payment functionality

Garmin Lily: Best Luxury Smartwatch for Small Wrists

Garmin Lily


What makes Garmin Lily one of the best luxury smartwatches for women is its design that effectively fits small wrists. The fashionable and jewelry-inspired accessory also features several useful health-tracking information that makes it ideal for wellness. While its functionality allows it to support a healthy living lifestyle, this is also the best luxury smartwatch to take with you to work and other functions. It’s versatile and complements different sets of clothing attires.

Products Features

  • Fashionable and ideal for small wrists
  • Features stylish patterned lens and smart touchscreen
  • Ideal for keeping track of all your health stats
  • Effective for sleep tracking and energy levels
  • Up to 5 days battery life
  • In-built GPS
  • Wrist-based heart rate detection

Garmin Venu 2: Best Premium Pick Luxury Smartwatch

Garmin Venu 2


Rated as one of the best stylish and sports-focused Luxury Smartwatches for women, Garmin Venu 2 truly radiates opulence. It’s ideal for wellness activities such as running, swimming, cycling, and yoga, among others. This device features advanced technical health metrics that take sportsmanship to the next level. This is facilitated by new features such as pulse ox as well as stress monitoring.

Products Features

  • Features Android and iOS operating system
  • 5 ATM water resistance
  • In-built GPS
  • HIIT activity profile with enhanced strength training activity graphics and profile
  • Health snapshot
  • Sleep score feature with insights
  • Longer battery life with a battery saver mode

Skagen Falster 3: Best Minimalist Luxury Smartwatch

Skage falster

Skagen Falster 3 is one of the top luxury smartwatches that suit women who are into minimalist style. While it incorporates the latest modern trends, it’s made with an attractive minimalist design. The bestseller device helps you to accomplish not only small minor tasks but also significant complex activities. To Falster 3 gen 5, everything counts right now!

Products Features

  • Google Wear OS 2.17
  • Works with both iOS and Android
  • Waterproof design with an in-built GPS
  • 22mm interchangeable straps with 42 mmm case
  • Offers up to 24 hours of battery life
  • Google Pay

Withings Move: Best Luxury Smartwatch for Versatility

Withings Move


Withings’ Move is all about endless possibilities. There’s no charging neither limitation! With its unsurpassed battery life, you can monitor more than 30 activities during the day and night, minus restrictions. The classic watch is made with a simple design and allows you to seamlessly track your day-to-day activities. Its effectiveness is enhanced with the sync feature that allows you to link it to the free Health Mate app.

Products Features

  • Seamless tracking for automatic monitoring during runs walks and swims
  • In-built GPS
  • No charging with up to 18 months battery life
  • Automatic synchronization
  • Water-resistant up to 50 M
  • Sleep tracking

Which Brand is Good for Smartwatch?

The best smartwatch overall definitely comes from a good brand. In this case, it would be Apple, thanks to its outstanding Apple Watch Series 6. Its collection of health features, always-on display functionality, and the added blood oxygen reader (SpO2) simply make it a top-notch luxurious device.

Which One is the Most Accurate for You?

This is no one smartwatch with one-size-fits-all levels of accuracy. For instance, Apple Watch Series has a high level of accuracy when it comes to monitoring the heart rate. Fitbit Versa 3 has a high precision level when it comes to GPS tracking. At the same time, Garmin VivoActive 4 has a level of accuracy in GPS and a heartrate monitor.

What To Look For In a Smartwatch: Buying Guide

From the review above, it’s clear that there are lots of brands that sell luxury smartwatches. Additionally, these brands have multiple models or series of these accessories, making the selection process quite complex. To avoid confusion and complexity in the selection process, there are five things that can help you choose the best luxury smartwatch.

Fitness Tracking

This is the biggest reason why both men and women usually buy smartwatches. Even with a touch of luxury in the design process, it’s still important that you check if the hand accessory offers the basic forms of fitness tracking. This includes tracking your steps, calories, quality of sleep, and general workouts.


Smartwatches are designed to work with the two popular types of operating systems. This is iOS and Android. Apple smartwatches, for instance, usually work with iPhones. On the other hand, devices with the Wear OS work with both Android and iOS.
That’s why you will find Fitbit, Garmin, and Samsung watches can work with iOS and Android. Still, you will need to install a companion app.


Features determine the functionality of smartwatches. While these devices have design features that make them ideal for measuring different aspects of wellness, it’s also important to look at other features such as storage, water resistance, and virtual voice assistant support.


Of course, you should only choose a smartwatch that you can afford and offers value for money. Generally, the best luxury smartwatches usually cost between $200 and $450. Anything more than that is too expensive, and you should only consider that if you are a serious athlete.

Battery Life

A smartwatch’s battery remains one of the biggest factors to consider. While significant developments have been made, there are still those that are lagging. You certainly don’t need a watch that constantly needs recharging. While some devices come with the fast charge option, a good watch should last at least a day with a battery.

The Bottom Line

Smartwatches have become important parts of our lives. They are great accessories and fitness trackers that provide wearers with comprehensive insights regarding workouts and wellness. With a touch of luxury, smartwatches have become even more appealing.

There are several brands that sell innovative, stylish, and quality luxury smartwatches. They include Apple, Garmin, Samsung, and Fitbit, among others. They have designed these wearables with different functionalities but to ensure you keep track of your wellness goals. So, if you need the best luxury smartwatch for men or women, do your analysis and pick one that suits your budget and preferences.


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